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About HVR Haulers

Handley Valley Ranch Haulers have a love of being self employed and working together. This inspired them to start their company in 2009 with its first winter maintenance contract. In 2010 the business expanded to include hauling.

Located in Fruitvale, British Columbia, home to Jackie and Kevin Handley, Handley Valley Ranch Haulers is well recognized in the Kootenay’s for their safety, hard work and reliability.

Handley Valley Ranch Haulers are known for their respectful customer service and are often recommend by word of mouth. Peace of mind and safety is what you will receive for any services that Handley Valley Ranch Haulers provides.


“I hired HVR Haulers to bring back a vehicle from the Okanagan to Fruitvale, BC. You get a professional class 1 driver that will get the job done, safety, on time and on budget. I had a great time being a passenger and felt safe. I would definitely hire them again.”
Wayne Barrett

“I approached HVR Haulers to help me out with some of my plowing contracts when we, unfortunately, had a piece of equipment break down. With several of our contracts including a seniors complex, were counting on us to have the snow cleared and my company was scrambling to complete the task.”

“The service provided by HVR Haulers was outstanding. Prices were reasonable and they efficiently completed the jobs. One thing I really like about HVR Haulers was there attitude and how they went out of their way to help us out. I would and have recommended HVR services to others and will do again.”

“Thanks again HVR Haulers,”
Stephen Piccolo of Kiss My Grass

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HVR Haulers services and competitive rates are unmatched in our region.

We at XL Quality Industrial Services in Trail have been working with HVR Haulers for a number of years now.  We have passed on a referral to our partners in industry on many occasions based on our satisfaction dealing with Kevin and Jackie.  In our industry, often the schedules are demanding. Jackie and Kevin have worked with us on short notice and have always come up big when called upon. This unwavering commitment to their business and to their customers is unprecedented. We at XL Quality wish them every success in the future and look forward to a continued partnership.


Gary Megaw


We hired HVR Haulers in the winter of 2009 for snow clearing and to do maintenance on the mailboxes in the Fruitvale and Trail area. HVR Haulers always get the job done every winter. They show respect to the community and commit to doing a great job every time it snows. Safety is there number 1 thought while doing there job. We are pleased with the work that they do for us and the postal service.

David Hay
Mark Baker